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Female Driving School In Wigston

Do you want to learn with an instructor who doesn't know why people fail their test?

Did you know that more than 50% of learners fail their driving test, and the biggest reason for failing as stated by the DVSA is observation at junctions, its been like that for 10 years.

However, if you speak to local instructors and ask "why do your pupils fail" at least 80% will blame nerves. The DVSA do not even record nervousness as a reason for failing, yet instructors prefer to blame you the pupil rather than their teaching methods...

There are a number of female driving schools in Wigston but getting the right school is vital to your success, but who do you choose and why?

The aim of the game is for you to get your driving licence and ideally to pass the first time. So what does it take to pass first time?

1.  On your first lesson, you will be issued with a learning to drive syllabus; it covers every aspect of learning to drive and once you have completed it you know you have all the skills to pass your test.

2. To pass the driving test you need to be a safe driver and that means you have to adopt a good attitude to driving, follow the Highway Code, be in control of the car at all times and to have great hazard perception skills.

3. Before you go to your driving test you need to have passed a mock driving test and to be driving without your female driving instructor in Wigston needing to step in and help.

That is how we help you become a safe driver.
We prepare you properly and you receive the confidence from knowing you have the skills. Give us a call today.

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And Pass Your Test With Lynn


An "all you need to know" course turning the absolute novice into a driving star ready to pass.

Part Trained

Absolutely no need for you to start from the beginning as we help you pick up where you left off ...

Driving Test Rescue

Failed you test at another school? Perhaps it wasn't your fault after all? Re-code your driving so you can pass.

Confidence Building

A program of driving lessons putting you in the driving seat, making you feel comfortable and in control.

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