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Driving Test Rescue Driving Lessons

You know better than anyone else what a bad feeling your driving test gives you and failing time after time is not a place anyone wants to go to.
If you have been working with a different driving school and have been failing your driving test, have you ever seriously thought it wasn't your fault?

It's easy to blame someone else, and no one likes to do that, but the driving test was never designed to keep making people fail, it was designed so those safe drivers could be given their driving licence. 
Driving safely is as much as a skill as it is an understanding, and if you keep failing it's only because you do not fully recognise what it takes to be a safe driver.

Therefore, if your last school keeps letting you "have a go" and you never felt fully prepared and you could never put 2 or 3 lessons together without your instructor having to get involved...were you ever ready?

Anyway, your answer is here.
Our Driving Test Rescue course will re-program your learning so you can be a safe driver ready to pass your test, give us a call now.



An "all you need to know" course turning the absolute novice into a driving star ready to pass.

Part Trained

Absolutely no need for you to start from the beginning as we help you pick up where you left off ...

Driving Test Rescue

Failed you test at another school? Perhaps it wasn't your fault after all? Re-code your driving so you can pass.

Confidence Building

A program of driving lessons putting you in the driving seat, making you feel comfortable and in control.

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