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Why Choose Me?

Am I the right driving instrucotr to help you pass your driving test? Why Choose me..?
Hey, and how are you doing?
Exciting times isn't it when you start thinking about learning to drive and getting your licence?

I know there is a stack of instructors here in Leicester so I got thinking, why should you choose me over the rest? I can tell you about how fun my lessons are, but you can probably detect that from my photo but really you are here to pass your test, yes we'll have a good time but this is really all about you.

I've been an instructor for over 10 years now, so as you can imagine I have seen everything thing imaginable and I can offer you great support and advice. It's not just my experience though, I'm really dedicated to helping you become a safe driver. 

Demonstrating you are safe is the only way you will pass your driving test, and I don't want anyone hitting the road in a reckless way. I know some people think of "safety" as being boring, but I promise you, your lessons will be far from that, you'll have a great time with me and soon you will be getting your driving licence.

Give me a call right now.

Phone 0782 333 4158

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An "all you need to know" course turning the absolute novice into a driving star ready to pass.

Part Trained

Absolutely no need for you to start from the beginning as we help you pick up where you left off ...

Driving Test Rescue

Failed you test at another school? Perhaps it wasn't your fault after all? Re-code your driving so you can pass.

Confidence Building

A program of driving lessons putting you in the driving seat, making you feel comfortable and in control.

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